Shared Curriculum

Life Skills – Increasing Resiliency in the Home & Community

Having a home means so much more than just having a place to sleep, it means having your own space to keep clean, having food in your fridge and pantry, understanding the importance of proper hygiene.

Our Life Skills curriculum offers an in-depth program to meet the needs of our growing young adults and their need to build self-reliance in their home and community.

Making a bed may seem like a small task however, we understand the importance of fostering a culture of independence and teaching all skills no matter how big or small they may seem.

Our shared curriculum will teach the importance of menu planning, proper food preparation, grocery shopping etc. Our goal is that each participant can experience a personalized and individual approach for learning to help them reach their full potential.

Life Skills: Community

Community resilience will focus on numerous areas – shopping, finances, transportation, etc.
Money management skills such as banking, using an ATM, budgeting and paying bills are
important life skills for any young adult as they transition into adulthood. Not only does it
create independence, the ability to manage money is essential in allowing them to take
control of their lives. Majority of our participants have been in a position where their loved
ones or support providers take care of their finances, our goal is to create a solid foundation
for understanding how money management works by using our unique Real Economy
Program based upon the goals identified by each participant.

Using Technology – Digital Literacy

The digital literacy lab will support our participants and increase their skills needed to live, learn and work in a society where communication and access to information has significantly increased using internet platforms, social media and mobile devices. By offering digital literacy and online learning, the CQS Centre will allow our young adults, when appropriate, the opportunity to learn and understand how to use public transit options, use digital maps and navigation apps for the City of Calgary. We want our young adults to use technology to their own advantage and feel safe and confident in the use of such lifelong tools.

Health & Wellness

Our health program will promote a well rounded holistic approach to teaching the importance of understanding ones physical and mental health, sexual health and dating and finding community resources such as family doctors and dentists.

By utilizing community resources such as civic centers, recreational facilities and the outdoors our participants will have several different options to embrace their different physical fitness goals that meet their individual needs and interests.

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies are important to everyone’s personal well-being and can often play a crucial
role in maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. We value the importance of
incorporating hobbies and special interests into our program as they can often spark
joy, inspire creativity, build confidence, reduce stress and create opportunities for

3 Program Streams

Volunteerism Stream

Our volunteer stream will prepare our young adults with the needed skills and understanding of how to be successful and allow each participant an opportunity to volunteer in their community. By exploring their individual interests and abilities we will match them with a potential opportunity. Future volunteer opportunity placements would be in schools, long term care homes, animal shelters or rescues, sports facilities etc.

Community Stream

Our Community Integration Stream focus will be helping our young adults find a lifelong program that builds on the foundation of CQR Centre and bridges them with resources. Identifying what is appropriate for each participant and then to find long term volunteer opportunities, employment, residential housing and inclusion in the community which supports their long-term goals. Community integration enables our young adults to thrive, work, create social relationships and be engaged and contribute in their community.

Employment Stream

Our Employment stream will create a foundation of learning to prepare our young adults to learn important work skills, understand what it means to be a good employee, gain valuable work experience and work safety.

By working with key community partners our program will assist our young adults to find meaningful work that they enjoy and will maintain into their adult years.